Together we create new value from your data

How would it be to be able to pick up every one of your customers at any time in their current mood about your company without annoying surveys?

The power of Artifical Intelligence

KI-Account’s new artificial intelligence is specially tailored to the German-speaking world. The training data of our AI is based on the largest German-language texts that have been built up to date.

In the area of customer relationship management, the moods of the customer can be measured in real time as well as over the moods of the communication partner and thus derive important information for customer derive important information for customer care.

Since the add-on itself does not store any content data and none of this data is processed externally either processed externally (everything only takes place in the user’s e-mail client), we have no data security and DSGVO.


Supported platforms

Microsoft Outlook

AI account sentiment analysis as an add-in to integrate your Outlook instance.

Microsoft Office 365 Online

Add sentiment analysis to your Office 365 with one click.

Web service

KI-Account Sentiment Analysis as a web service.

Mail server connection

AI account sentiment analysis directly into your Exchange Server for seamless integration into your company.

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